Who Am I?


I donít believe in the concept of evil,

But I think the Bush administration is evil.

I care more about getting my social security and Medicare

Than I care about genocidal dictators.

I weep for whales and dying animals,

But I am unconvinced of the goodness and global necessity of freedom;

even after mass graves are discovered.

I want world peace,

But Iím not willing to export freedom.

Despite the success of the war against terrorism in Afghanistan and Iraq;

Despite the success of the tax cuts and the rebounding economy,

I will continue to undermine the Bush Administration.

I still believe in moral relativism,

Even after 9/11.

I care more about what the rest of the world thinks of America

Than I do about the United States' national security.

I will say nothing, do nothing, and be nothing

In the name of tolerance

And in order to avoid serious confrontation.

I support troops

Who are following orders I do not agree with.

I think all fighting is wrong,

Even when its fighting to stop bad guys.

I care more about the mental and emotional scarring of a few Iraqi rebels

Than I do about the rape of Jessica Walker Lynch

Or the murder, burning, and sexual mutilation of four American civilians by Iraqis.

I care more about the mistreatment of a few Iraqi rebels

Than the worse atrocities John Kerry has admitted to committing.

I value all life,

Even the lives of villains.

I don't think all Islam is bad because what a few bad Muslims did on 9/11,

But I do think all of the U.S. Military is bad because of a few misbehaving reservists.

I love all humanity,

But I hate people in general.

I value and respect life,

But I smoke.

I believe in democracy,

But I'm afraid of voters.

I want more jobs,

But I hate capitalism.

I'm for multinationalism,

But I'm against outsourcing American jobs.

I celebrate Cinco de Mayo,

But I hate Columbus Day.

I think everybody should be educated about Islam,

But whenever somebody mentions Christianity I gag.

I want to save whales and protect the environment,

But I support a womanís right to kill her babies.

I think having a high I.Q. and an appreciation of art

Makes me morally wise.

I question authority,

And I canít keep a job.

I question reality,

And I struggle with depression and suicide.

I am an adult,

But I have the world view of a 14 year old girl.

I am bulging with morality

In all the wrong places.

I am the liberal mind.


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