War Really Is Hell

Written 03/04

     War really is hell.  We lost one B-17 to a German fighter before we reached Frankfurt.  The bombardier had to adjust the norden bomb site on our target through heavy flak and cloud cover.  After totally obliterating the German Hiddernheim Engine Factory (top left picture) my squadron of B-17s banked right towards the new course heading while still under flak attack.  I was looking out the left waist window when something exploded on the left wing (top right picture).  Black smoke began to belch out of engine number two and the plane began banking out of control.  The pilot must have been wounded from the explosion.  Our plane collided with one plane (bottom left picture), then another.  Then those two planes collided with each other.  (bottom right picture) The second plane was left with no wings (top) while my plane and the third one (middle and bottom) were left with only a quarter wing.  Nobody was able to bail out.  I died; game over.  It was mayhem.  By the time the game was over I had to go to work.  What a damper that had on my evening.  It's just a game, but it is a way for me as a civilian to focus my energy during the War Against Islamic Terrorism.

     I’ve been playing this PC game called “B-17 Flying Fortress”.  It's an incredibly vivid WWII flight simulator for the B-17 Bomber.  You have to learn every operation in the plane as well as for the missions.  The flight out is always terrifying because we’re being attacked by enemy planes, which in most failed missions are blasted kamikaze BF-109s.  The flight back is always long because I have to keep patching up my wounded crew.  Usually it takes me 2 hours to complete a mission successfully.  A complete waste of time?  No, I listen to Hugh Hewitt or Michael Savage on the radio while I'm playing!  Besides, I only get to play on my days off.  I am with you in this World Wide War Against Islamic Terrorism.  Playing this game makes me feel like I have something in common with my soldiers.

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