Red Fox's Political Spelling and Vocabulary List

for America in the Year 2004

Copy this list by hand.  Memorize the definitions and the spelling of the terms.

Democracy -

A government run by the majority of a society through publicly elected representatives.

Theocracy -

A government run by God through a human representative or representatives.

Secularism -

A nonreligious government.

Socialism -

A government where all property, wealth, and business in the society are owned and controlled by the entire society, not by individuals.

Communism -

A totalitarian government that controls every aspect of the society's economy and social activity.

Totalitarianism -

A single party government with supreme authority which can override an individual's freedoms.

Nazism -

Adolph Hitler's fascist government.

Fascism -

A racist, nationalistic, totalitarian government run by a dictator.

Dictator -

A ruler with absolute power and authority.

Racism -

The belief that one race is better than another.

Marxism -

The communistic governmental system developed by Karl Marx in the 1800s; prone to materialism.

Materialism -

The belief that having material objects is more important than having spiritual values.

Imperialism -

Where one nation takes control of another nation.

Colonialism -

Where one nation takes control and possession of foreign territory.

Conservatism -

Being traditional or moderate.  Wanting to preserve what has been established.  Being resistant to change.

Liberalism -

Being open minded or tolerant.  Wanting to reform what has been established.  Being morally loose.

Diatribe -

When someone denounces something in a harsh manner.

Rhetoric -

An exaggerated over use of language.

Semantics -

What a person means and what people interpret when somebody says something.

Proselytize -

Trying to convert someone to another religion.

Islam -

The religion of Muslims based on the Koran.  Islamic countries and people.  Submission to God.

Muhammad -

(570 - 632 A.D.) The founder of Islam.

Allah -

The God of Islam, the Supreme Being.

Koran -

The book on which the religion, law, and culture of Islam is founded.

Muslim -

An Islamic person.

Arab -

A Semitic nation in the Middle East and North Africa; predisposed to Islam.

Semite -

Any ancient nation including Hebrews (Jews), and Arabs (Muslims).

Hebrew -

A descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Jew -

A descendant of the Biblical Hebrews whose religion is Judaism.

Judaism -

The religion of the Jews whose one God is Jehovah.

Jehovah -

The Living God, the Creator.

Israeli -

One of Jehovah's chosen people.  A member of the nation of Israel.

Palestinian -


Palestine -

The east coast of the Mediterranean occupied by the Hebrews in Biblical times.









Sources used : Webster's Desk Dictionary of the English Language