Here's your FREE 2005 Support the Troops Event material.

The posters are in PDF format and are presized for 18 X 24 prints.  All you have to do is download the files to your own floppy disk, then take the disk to Kinko's and have them print them up.  Don't go to Kinko's and download them from there.  You will have to buy a disk from them and pay for time on their computers.  Don't buy color prints, they cost about $30 for 18 X 24.  Pay for black and white which only costs $1.50 each!  Kinko's prints 18 X 24s on large, floppy paper, not poster board!  DOH!  You may want to cut off any excess paper.  You might also want to get something strong to attach the prints to.  If its windy, they will be blown around and possibly rip.



!!! Use at your own risk !!!



Download Again.pdf



Download Support.pdf



Download Save.pdf

Chant, "Support the war!  Support the troops!  Support the president!"



Download What.pdf



Download No.pdf

Chant, "No peace without freedom!  No peace with dictators!"



This is a flier, not a poster.

You can either click on the picture then save the original size to your computer and print it yourself, or Download WAR.pdf and have Kinko's print off several on normal 11 X 8.5 paper.