No Sexual Control

The sexualization of every subject in American culture is what it has come to.  It's a sign of continuing, rampant degeneracy.  It's a sign that the end is coming for this country.  An immoral nation that won't follow the laws of morality or nature will eventually implode.  The moderates don't want to say anything because they're moderates.  The ones who do say anything are viewed as intollerent.  Suddenly we find ourselves forty years down the road and there's no turning back.  People with no sexual intelligence are running the nation.  People with no decency are controlling the direction of the country.  Now everyone is afraid of Nazi-like government censorship because it violates 'people's right to free speech'.  Yet nobody has any self control in public life or on the airwaves.  Freedom hinges on desency and self control.  When people no longer behave decently in public and show no self control, the door to freedom begins to be shut in order to protect society.  Its time the silent majority get bold, stand up and say something to our oversexed brothers, sisters and children in America: shut up.  It wouldn't come to government censorship if people would have some respect for themselves and their neighbors and perform some personal discretion.

Red Fox

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