Listen To Michael Savage,

Then Grow Up



     George Bush has been reelected, no thanks to Michael Savage.  Through all the very not niceness of the Kerry campaign, the last thing I needed to hear was Michael Savage (on Conservative News Radio) bad mouthing the president.  The Savage Nation use to be my favorite political news show. But then the election got closer and the influence of Michael became very sour to me.  One day he would be saying he's not voting for Bush because he's not tough enough on gay marriage.  The next day he would say he'll never vote for the Democrats because what they said or did that day against Bush was horrible.  Another day he would say that he's not gonna vote at all because both candidates are indistinguishable.  Then he complained that if he heard the president say, "bring them to justice" one more time, he would loose it.  He didn't think Bush was strong enough on the war.  More than once he called Bush a bumbling fool who can't go a sentence without tripping over his own tongue.

     Coping with the liberals attacking Bush and conservativism was hard enough.  But then the Savage Nation became another unnecessary source of frustration for me.  It's ok to press the president on issues you disagree with, but it is strategically unintelligent during an election to continually attack one candidate who you have a problem with who would keep the worse candidate out of office.  If Michael didn't want Kerry as president, then he should have supported Bush and stayed off the negative side until after reelection.

     Michael Savage is unrelenting on his positions and demands on government leaders.  But he offered no solution in this election.  Bush, he said, is not conservative enough, or not even a real conservative.  And Kerry was out of the question.  He balked at suggestions that he should run for president.  I agree with the goals of the Paul Revere Society.  But all Michael accomplished in this election was to deter conservatives from George Bush, or cause people like me to grow up and turn his show off. Michael Savage's take on liberalism is invaluable.  It actually helped me in interpreting my ballot.  But once you learn what the liberal agenda is and how to identify a liberal idea, there's no where else to grow in the Savage Nation.  Michael is emotionally unstable by evidence of his outbursts and shifting voting positions.  His passion and righteous anger is attractive, but it is not healthy to stay angry.  And it is irresponsible to project that instability and anger onto a nation wide audience.

     I also was upset for some time about the lack of strong response from the Bush Administration to accusations made by John Kerry and amplified by TV news.  But then I figured it out.  George Bush and his administration were setting a historical example of moral character, leadership and class. Bush even treated Bill Clinton with kindness when they visited earlier this year in the White House.  George Bush didn't return the vicious undermining that the previous administration has given him.  It was perceived by Michael Savage and by most of the nation as weakness, because it is behavior foreign to this generation.  It is conduct seemingly lost to history, but it is being displayed before us now.  I came to understand this not from listening to the Savage Nation, but from listening to the Hugh Hewitt show.  Hugh never explained this directly.  He showed it through example; by how he controls himself and operates his show with integrity.  The Hugh Hewitt Show is much more desirable with it's academic approach to law and the political process.

     Another thing that the Hugh Hewitt show cleared up for me was confusion over how the war was being fought in Falluja and Najaf; a subject that Savage is rabid over with Bush.  Michael thinks that Falluja and Najaf should have been wiped out within 78 hours of warning those cities that we would bomb them.  However, Hugh Hewitt said a few months ago when those conflicts were brewing that Bush isn't fighting a "sensitive war", but that the shrine that Al Sadr was hiding in was a sensitive target in a brutal war.  I now understand that the tactic of the U.S. was to destroy everything outside of the shrine and grave yard one day, then let the Iraqis move into the sensitive areas the next day and clean up the rest. Then the Iraqis can deal with Sadr themselves.  The same approach was used with Falluja.  We didn't wipe the town out after they mutilated four U.S. noncombatants.  We decided to leave the city alone until the new Iraqi government could decide what to do themselves.  Don't you see that this way Muslims can't argue that America is fighting a war against all Islam?  Now I understand Bush's position of cooperation with progressive, non-militant Islamic groups.  I realize that if the War Against Islamic Terrorism would be fought the Savage way, America probably wouldn’t survive.  It is in America's best interest to work with progressive Muslims against terrorism. Bush is fighting the war in a sensitive manner.

     I decided to stop listening to the Savage Nation a couple months ago. My little brother asked me what took me so long.  Listening to Michael Savage makes people mad.  It causes family members to become worried for the one who's listening to that show.  On top of the overwhelming Bush / Christian hate from the hippy news channels, Michael just makes people madder.  I want to be happy.  So I don't listen to him any more.

     Every once in a while I will tune Savage in to make sure my opinion of him is correct; and I am always reconvinced.  I rechecked again tonight, November third.  Savage was saying that his show actually helped reelect Bush.  I got angry and turned him off.  Michael Savage is no role model.  He was no help for the Christian agenda in this election.  He needs to go up on a mountain and get himself focused.  If he wants to be a prophet, he needs to get filled with the Holy Ghost and get balanced.

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