Letter To Political Talk Radio Shows


To The Guys (And Lady Ingraham),


Everything I know about the real world I owe to Conservative Political Talk Radio: (KNUS – 710 AM, KNUS 2 – 1650 AM, Denver).  Obviously Rush Limbaugh is the forerunner to this genre, and mega dittos to whom they are due!  I never listened to the radio before 2001.  I didn’t listen to music stations or talk shows; except for Rush or Oliver North every once in a while whom I did enjoy.  I also didn’t watch the news very much.  I was 22 years old in my first month of college on September 11, 2001.  I woke up for school and heard the news on TV of the attacks in New York and D.C.  I got dressed and went to school anyway.  On the way to the Auraria Campus in down town Denver I scanned the radio for more news.  NPR was no good.  I finally landed on 710 AM which seemed to be the best coverage I could find.  I don't remember who's show was on, but since then KNUS has become my home station.  I don’t listen to anything else on the radio.  It took me a while to tell the difference between Sean Hannity and Hugh Hewett’s voices, where those shows were broadcasted from, and what the differences were between the formats.

I’ve since become familiar with the other shows like Dennis Prager, Mike Gallagher, Michael Medved, the ever abrasive Michael Savage, and recently Laura Ingraham.  I’ve learned how important it is to develop your own political point of view and how to debate that point of view intelligently based on the constitution.  I’ve learned how to separate my spiritual convictions from political arguments, and that in a secular climate my only weapons essentially are the Constitution of the United States and the Declaration of Independence.  I’ve learned also that it is impossible to separate religion from state and national history without rewriting it.  I've learned that Judeo Christianity is the tie that binds the United States with Israel and that it is our duty to call Israel ‘friend’ and to protect them.  I’ve learned how to detect the liberal, anti-freedom, anti-Bush, anti-conservative bias in the mainstream news media by their choice of words, subtle voice in fluctuations, and their deliberate and incessant decision to avoid success stories in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Instead they are obviously trying to exacerbate the viewing public with an endless stream of news of dying soldiers, tired and overworked soldiers, continuing violence, lonely wives and families, angry parents, etc. in attempt to undermine support for the war against terrorism.  This continues to show the news’ lack of moral conviction and confidence by their refusal to adopt anything of the kind in effort to be ‘inoffensive’.  Sorry…  When I get furious, my sentence structure breaks down. 

This semester I spent many early hours writing to the military through "Operation Dear Abby" and printing up bumper stickers for my car such as, "Elect Democrats?  NO!" and "World Freedom" instead of working on homework and getting much needed sleep.

I think it's awesome that Sean Hannity’s show plays on an endless loop every day on the Internet for free!  Its so much easier to listen to without the commercials and I never miss a part of the show.  I hope that all you guys can make your shows available 24/7 on the net like this!

Thanks to this genre of news, I often can’t get to sleep and stay up late or wake up early writing.  This is a good thing.  Although it may be too early or emotionally difficult to consider, something good is coming from 9/11.  Because of 9/11, I am becoming a better, more rounded person.  I believe that it is my duty to stay informed, involved, and opinionated since 9/11.  Continue your pursuit of truth and excellence, and maintain your personal touch on your individual shows.

News radio junkie, Red Fox.

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