Katrina Survivors in Denver 



The Salvation Army of Denver is the top organizing force for Katrina survivors temporarily residing at Lowry Air Force Base.


There is a daily orientation held from 4pm to 6pm at the Red Shield Salvation Army located at 2915 High St. in Denver.  Click http://www.mapquest.com for map.  This is where you would come to get involved personally or even offer jobs.  Wal*Mart is interested in offering employment.  If you have any references or leads on jobs for survivors, that info will be most welcome.


All donations need to be made directly to Salvation Army locations.  Click http://www.google.com for all Salvation Army locations in Denver.  Please do not make person to person donations.  They will not be as affective.  The survivors make their needs known to the Salvation Army, and the Army supplies that need directly from the list of items that have been donated.  If you can, drop off your items at the closest SA location to Lowry at 2205 East Colfax Ave.  Click http://www.mapquest.com for map.  And be sure to notify a SA employee that your donation is specifically for Katrina survivors.


Cars, radios, televisions, internet computers, phones, toys, games, etc.


I may be able to pick up and personally fix items that need only minor repairs to be acceptable.


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