Our Hero, John Kerry


John Kerry is a Vietnam War hero running for President of the United States.  John Kerry won several medals in the Vietnam War.  John Kerry admitted to committing war crimes in Vietnam.  John Kerry is proud of the medals that he won while committing war crimes.  John Kerry came home with purple hearts which he won by incurring superficial wounds during only a few months in Vietnam.  John Kerry protested the war at home by throwing his medals away.  John Kerry is a hero of a war that he protested and is proud of his short service in that war.  John Kerry has a chest full of medals which he threw away and some how got back.  (This is like the woman from Titanic jumping into the ocean to retrieve the diamond that she just threw away!)  John Kerry has a chest full of medals from a war which he came home from and protested; a war in which he committed atrocities; a war where he apparently wounded himself to receive a medal.  Metaphorically, he shot himself in the foot to win a purple heart and get out of the war so he could come home and trash the military for the next thirty years.  You want that for your president?!


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