This is a replay from the Sega Dreamcast game Airforce Delta. In this level you have to defend a sky scraper from an attack where the enemy launches gigantic missiles at a building where peace meetings are being held. The makers of the game (released in 1999) had the audacity to program a B-2 Bomber to fly into the building if you don't shoot it down first. (This, of course, is just a video game and is in no way responsible for what happened on 9/11.)  When I watch this video I can just imagine people inside the building seeing the Harrier jet through the windows, hovering outside, protecting them from the attack. A program for Homeland Security should be to post an attack helicopter or any kind of vertical take-off aircraft on the top of the highest sky scraper in every city with tall buildings, and it should be manned 24/7. This would be expensive, but the program could also coordinate with city police. The idea is that to defend against an attack, you have to already be there.

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