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Free Like You picture from War Blog 68.

GO AWAY picture from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

9-11-04 pictures from and Michael Savage.

Islamic Jihad picture from Rules of Engagement.

Careless picture, Afraid picture, Enemy Within from Michael Savage.

Whoopie picture from the Women's Entertainment Channel.

ABC News Admits clip from, yep, ABC News.

Prophet of Doom MP3s created with Speakonia.

Harrier jet and sky scraper screenshot from Sega Dreamcast: Airforce Delta.

B-29 screenshot from Sega Dreamcast: Iron Aces.

Bombing The Hikaku replay from Sega Dreamcast: Iron Aces.  Also Half An Hour from the Waterworld soundtrack by James Newton Howard.

F-16 and 747 screenshot from Sega Dreamcast: Airforce Delta.

Armed Patrol replay from Sega Dreamcast: Aero Wings 2, Airstrike.  Also The Fugitive Theme by James Newton Howard.

How To Defend A Sky Scraper replay from Sega Dreamcast: Airforce Delta.

Warhawk head to head screenshot from Sega Dreamcast: Iron Aces.

Defense Of Pearl Harbor replay from Sega Dreamcast: Iron Aces.

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