ABC News Admits Bush Won


     This video was taped on Veterans Day, 2001 on ABC; in my view, the most liberal broadcast network out there.  This news broadcast was aired after ABC premiered Saving Private Ryan.  In it you will see that they admit if the Supreme Court would have allowed a recount of Florida votes, Bush would have still won the presidency.  The clip here starts with 2 stories prior to the announcement.  I left them in to verify that this is not a hoax.  It is about 1 minute long.


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     What's the point?  The liberal rhetoric heard especially this week is that George Bush stole the 2001 election.  Yet, the most liberal network broadcaster admits here that technically, Bush did not.  It is now 7/30/04 1:30am General Mountain Time, and I really should be asleep.  But post 9/11 politics are so distracting that I CAN'T GO TO SLEEP anymore or get any personal work done!  AAARGH!  This Democratic Convention was so disgusting; it makes my heart sick!  I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!  I've got to unplug my radio and television to protect my mental and emotional health.  Why is it that the most divisive issue in our time is 9/11?  Answer: LIBERALISM.