The 9/11 Hearings - Who Is To Blame?


Who is to blame for 9/11?  The Muslim Terrorists?  The president?  Homosexuals?  Hollywood?  Abortion clinics?  No, I blame Christianity.  Where does judgment begin?  It starts in the church.  I blame the pastor who is an adulterer because he divorced his wife of twenty three years and remarried in less than one year.  I blame the priest who is a pedophile.  I blame the nuns who are witches who pour their blood on missile silos.  I blame the minister who is a lesbian.  I blame the church who sits quietly under a compromised message from a man of compromised integrity.  You cannot stay under the favor and protection of God if you stay in sin.  9/11 is the churchís fault.  9/11 IS MY FAULT.  Itís my fault.  Itís my fault for not saying this sooner.  Itís my fault for not calling for a return to holiness sooner.  So stop accusing the Bush administration and take me.  But before you execute me, allow me to say a few last words.  Christians, return to the fundamental, foundational teachings of the Bible.  And refuse to remain in a ministry that preaches compromise, a ministry that lacks moral leadership.


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