Click on the free bumper sticker / poster you like, then right click on the image and save it to your drive.  These images are designed to be printed on one standard 11 x 8 piece of paper under the 'landscape' setting.  Adjust margins close to zero and be sure to preview the picture before you print it.  Laminate the designs front and back after printing them up and cutting them out.  Then use small 1/4 inch squares of clear, strong packing tape and fix them to the rear of your car.  If this is too much work, the easiest and longest lasting use may be to tape the picture facing out from the inside of your car window.  Conservative Image claims no ownership over the images used in these designs.  Sources used are from various web image searches.


!!! Use at your own risk !!!


Most recent image listed first:

gay equality man plus man is not equal to man plus woman

senator palpatine i love democracy i love the republic president obama we believe in the free market we believe in capitalism.


obama government is control to turn a human being into this matrix duracell

i support sarah palin's constitutional right to free speech obama civility giffords loughner

uncivilized jared loughner and the democrat media pinning an unrelated massacre on your political opposition in order to intimidate and silence them

homer simpson obama d'oh!

jerusalem is not a settlement, it is the capital of israel

even teenagers know they're not really free as long as they remain dependent

yes we can. no, mr. president. you can't.

windows undo change barack obama vote conservative republican


obama pacifists don't defend nuclear iran nuclear north korea


the young man was convinced that the national socialist party would turn his bankrupt country into an ideal place

naoki urasawa's monster obama


smoke pot 28,000 mexicans killed in drug related violence since 2007

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freedom of religion especially when it gets me blown up

obama gives a new meaning to oil conspiracy

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 wealth redistribution thou shalt not covet thy neighbor



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 independence not dependence

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