1975 Chevy El Camino











(I no longer own it.)


Test Drive Video Downloads:



 Custom Paint Job


Cold Start


Moving After Warmup


Emergency Brake Doesn't Stop 2&1/2 Tons


Rear Wheel Drive Power






Accessories, Tail Gate, Doors & Rear Window 


Door Locks


Seats, Speaker Boxes, Spare Tire, Windshield Washer 


Heater, Radio, Compartments, Windows, Sun Visors, Horn 


Interior Startup, Tilt Wheel, Power Steering, Gear Select 


Tail Lights, Turn Signals, Emergency, Reverse, Head Lights 



Service Recipts:


Emissions Test 

Master Brake Cylinder

2 Barrel Carburetor 

Control Arm Bushings And Rear Cylinders 

New Transmission

Front Shocks

Spark Plugs, Wires, Cap & Rotor

Rear Shocks 


To Do List:


Front Tires

Speedometer Cable


A/C Condensor & Blower Motor

N/A - Radio/Cassette - N/A

Rear Air Shocks

Wide Rims & Tires On Rear

Positraction Differential

Duel Exhaust

Super Chargers

Bed Liner


Front & Rear Coil Springs

Looking For Rust:



Engine Bay:        


Left Front:         


Left Rear:      


More Left Rear:        




Truck Bed:      


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