Click on the free bumper sticker / poster you like, then right click on the image and save it to your drive.  These images are designed to be printed on one standard 11 x 8 piece of paper under the 'landscape' setting.  Adjust margins close to zero and be sure to preview the picture before you print it.  Laminate the designs front and back after printing them up and cutting them out.  Then use small 1/4 inch squares of clear, strong packing tape and fix them to the rear of your car.  If this is too much work, the easiest and longest lasting use may be to tape the picture facing out from the inside of your car window.  Conservative Image claims no ownership over the images used in these designs.  Sources used are from various web image searches.


!!! Use at your own risk !!!


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Ahmadinejad's Conflicting Quotes






 Link to MSNBC document.


 Link to CNN document.



Link to Whitehouse document.


Link to MERLN document.


 Link to MSNBC document.







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