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As a result of Hugh Hewitt's conversation with General Petraeus

a few days ago, the question has been brought up

of how many terrorist combatants have been killed

due to the United States' fighting the War Against Islamic Terror in Iraq.

This has been a complaint of mine for a couple of years now.

Why do we never hear how many bad guys are killed from day to day

from the television news journalists?

All we ever hear is how many American Soldiers are killed

each day, nothing else.

The reason is because the TV news channels are antiwar pacifists

and don't want the U.S. to win this war.

They are attempting to control the outcome of the war

 by undermining support for it,

just like they were successful in aborting the war in Vietnam.

This is why I quit watching TV news in 2004,

and you need to quit too.

Well I don't need the antiwar networks to get a good idea

of how many Muslim terrorists are killed in Iraq.

I recall at the end of the 2001 film "Blackhawk Down"

we were told that 18 U.S. Servicemen were killed

and over 1000 Somalian fighters were killed.

To satisfy my curiosity I use the Blackhawk Down incident

as a way of fairly metering the kill ratio in todays war.

Before I do the math let me say that I know

a man; the life of one's son can not be equated to a number.

As I do this, I am remembering Captain Sean Sims from Eddy, Texas.

He was killed on 11/13/04 while liberating the city of Fallujah

from extremist forces.


1000 enemy combatants divided between 18 U.S. soldiers

produces a ratio of 55.5 to 1.

I can imagine how General Patton would respond to this.

He would've been both proud and emotionally moved.

He would've called them "boys."

If we were to apply that outcome to our loss of 3600 service men

since March 20, 2003, that would mean

over 200,000 terrorists have been killed.

I believe the number of enemy casualties today is even higher than that

compensating for over 13 years of advances in technology and training.


One problem with trying to do an accurate body count of dead terrorists

is the instant they die, they become unarmed civilians.

We've heard how participators will clean bodies of weapons

then begin wailing in front of antiwar TV news cameras

because we killed one of their cousins.

Remember this as your watching the news,

terrorists tactics work on pacifists and the U.N..

You shouldn't be watching that stuff.

Not only are TV news channels antiwar pacifists,

they're also hostile to Christian's world view.

Do you need me to explain that one to you?




I will vote for him.

But John McCain will not be elected in 2008

for the same reason Nancy Palosi is currently Speaker of the House.

In 2006 conservatives stayed home

because they refused to show up and vote for compromisers.


The reason Mitt Romney dropped out of the 2008 race

is the same reason Republicans lost in 2006.

The conservative news radio audience is much smaller than we thought.



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