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I'm with Israel.

I'm glad President Bush is supporting them too.

I'm tired of seeing Israel respond gently to Muslim terrorists.

I'm tired of hearing everybody condemn Israel

for finally sticking up for themselves.

When is enough enough?

Not only did Hezbollah kidnap two Israeli soldiers in Israeli territory,

but I've seen many news sources omit that

Hezbollah killed eight Israeli soldiers as well.

I'm sick of the same old same old.

I don't want things to continue like they have for so long;

Jews being blown up and the capitulation of terrorists.

I can pray without reservation for God, His name is Jehovah,

to help Israel kill terrorists.

I encourage Israel to continue on the intelligent path they have set;

destroying Hezbollah and Hamas strongholds

and demanding terrorist supporters, Syria, Lebanon, and Iran

to dissolve these terrorist organizations, or the attacks will continue.

I also expect America to support Israel verbally as well as militarily.


"Cry havoc


and let slip the dogs of war!"


Because of fanatical Islam and the threat of world wide terrorism,

I am looking into purchasing a gun.




Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora is useless.

In fact he has chosen the rhetoric of terror.

We were hoping that he would dispatch his army

to stop Hezbollah in S. Lebanon.

But if you caught his interview on FOX, you'll realize he's full of it.



I spent some time over the weekend trying to find

TV news online because my basic cable and local TV news

are not interested in the crisis.

I finally found free world TV news downloads from FOX News.

Click on "VIDEO" next to "SERVICES" on the right of Fox's banner.

When the new window pops up be sure to click "WORLD"

in the list below and left of the player.

The available selections are updated frequently throughout the day.

That's how I'm staying currently informed.

Gosh I love FOX!


Lebanon prime minister calls Israel

criminal war machine, murdering people and leaving them homeless?

Nobody cares!

You haven't seen anybody come in to stop Israel

have ya, prime minister?

We were counting on you to take the right side

against Hezbollah.

It doesn't sound like you will now.




Peace is dead terrorists.

All of them.

Terrorists use cease fires and peace agreements to rearm,

develop better weapons and more insidious strategies of attack.

Israel, if you settle for peace now

your children will have to pick up where you left off;

if they survive the next attack, that is.

And then I may have to personally deal with

Muslim terrorists in my country as well.




Lebanon refused to deal with Hezbollah

as they were required to by U.N. law.

The U.N. refused to deal with Hezbollah as well.

Now Israel strikes back after being attacked

and Kofi Anaan says Israel's response to this attack is condemnable?!

Where was the Lebanese leadership?

Where was the U.N. peacekeepers when Hezbollah

illegally breeched Israel's boarder killing and capturing IDF soldiers?

Kofi needs a new janitorial job.

And the U.N. needs a new Secretary General.





Why is all the humanitarian aid going to the enemy in Lebanon?

What about the Israelis who've been stuck in underground bunkers

for 11 days because of terror attacks coming from Lebanon?

Who will send the Israelis supplies?

The Lebanese people and leadership were complacent

on the Hezbollah presence and activity in their state.

Don't feed them.

Let them rot.

Help the good guys.

Donate here. - Thanks Yoni.




Syria: America, will you get Israel to stop firing at Hezbollah?

America: No! You got yourself into this. You talk to Israel yourself.




4 U.N. workers killed by Israeli bomb during war in Lebanon.

Tank Gunner! Like a game Pat?

Yes sir, but you go first.

I'll see if I haven't lost my touch. Right now OK.

 What do we have here? Helicopters 500 points. Tanks 300 points. What's the penalty here?

Minus 1000 points for shooting a U.N. truck.

That's an awfully big penalty for shooting a United Nations truck!

Give me a quarter, Pat.

I'll put it in for you.


Alright. Here we go. Ah, here we are. WOW! Hah ha hah!

Yes! Takes me back this, Patrick, right back to my youth.


Uh oh. What was that?

Dad, minus 1000. The penalty.

You hit the U.N. truck.

Oh... G- d- U.N.!

They have no business being there.

Always where they're not wanted.

I'm gonna get them sons of b-, right?


U.N. guys, white truck men.




Aww. I nearly hit a tank, there.

Don't wanna start doing that.

Not with the U.N. about.


Close enough?


Hah ha ha ha!

Ah, here he comes.




POW! Did ya see that?!


Ha ha ha ha hah!


From Toys 1992 - Robin Williams.

Pretty funny movie. But it does have an anti-war, anti-military slant to it. Just like the U.N.!



U.N., your workers are dead because they were stupid;

going to a volatile region to observe war

between Israel and terrorist organization Hezbollah.

I doubt Israel made any mistake destroying this location.

Terrorists obviously would have taken advantage

of the safety in and around U.N. structures.

And when Israel kills terrorists who are congregating in an area,

you cry foul because some of your people were in the same vicinity?

Terrorist tactics work on the U.N.


Israel, just get on with it!

If you don't wage a complete war, you will fail.

You have this one chance to show terrorists around the world that the rest of us will not allow them any victory; literal or political.  




Humanitarian aid to Lebanon is aiding terrorists.

In a Fox News free "World" video

"Stepping In: Hezbollah providing relief to evacuees"

Fox News reporter Jonathan Hunt from Beirut, Lebanon

says that the refugees arriving in Beirut

"don't just support Hezbollah,

but they feel they are a part of the organization."

Am I wrong in concluding that the Lebanese civilians are terrorists?

The U.S. is sending aid to the Lebanese military.

It is under the control of the Lebanese Prime Minister Senior Fraud

who we've previously heard on Fox passionately mouthing the rhetoric of

anti-Israeli terrorists, calling Israel a criminal war machine,

murdering women and children, attacking civilian targets

and not Hezbollah targets.

Am I wrong in concluding that aid

to the Lebanese military is a serious mistake?

The leadership and people of Lebanon were not just complacent

on Hezbollah's incursion and activity in their territory,

they both passively and actively support it.




The terrorists shoot at the IDF and launch missiles into Israel

from behind women and children from inside domestic areas.

Now what're you suppose to do, people? Not shoot back?

Will you be manipulated by terrorist tactics?

That's the same as negotiating with terrorists.

What do you do? You cut out cancer!

I don't think the collateral death of these

women and children is a tragedy at all.

For cryin' out loud! Israel is phoning these places

and warning the inhabitants before they drop the bombs!

I think everybody who doesn't want any part of this war

has already left Lebanon.

I think these people want to be there.

They want to be martyred so dummies will believe the propaganda.

Are you a dummy?




I'm glad Israel didn't stick to the 48 hour cessation of air strikes

which was reported due to the collateral damage in Qana.

I'm glad Israel is increasing the ground battle in Lebanon.

I'm glad President Bush is keeping the focus in the U.N.

on the cause of the violence - Hezbollah,

and is not talking peace with these terrorists.

I sincerely pray that Mel Gibson

can break the cycle that he's struggling with.

My heart is with you.  Don't give up Mr. Gibson.  Don't check out.

The relief you need comes from God's presence, through passionate worship.

Break relationships that steer you the wrong way.




U.N. defends nobody.

Defense requires violence.

U.N. is dedicated to nonviolence.

On 7/12/6 Hezbollah illegally breeches Israel's boarder,

kills 8 IDF soldiers and kidnaps 2 under U.N. peace keeperís watch.

For over 21 days Hezbollah fires over 2,000 unguided missiles

into Israeli territory and the U.N. doesnít fire a single shot.




I can't explain why I care instinctively for Israel.

Except that when I was a teenager,

I consumed these words and they became a part of my soul:

"If I forget you, O Jerusalem,

Let my right hand forget its skill!

If I do not remember you,

Let my tongue cling to the roof of my mouth

If I do not exalt Jerusalem

Above my chief joy."

In other words, if my heart stops caring for Israel,

I might as well be dead.




I am very disappointed in the way things appear to be going in the war between Israel and Hezbollah and the efforts of the rest of the world to bring a de-escalation in the fighting. 


President Bush has been working hard writing a peace and ceasefire agreement for Israel and Hezbollah. It infuriates me to think that we are spending our time writing truces with terrorists who's only life goal is the genocide of Israel and the annihilation of western  civilization. We must look incredibly ridiculous to the enemy. Bush's attempt to make peace with Muslim terrorists is in complete contradiction with his previous position of confronting and ending terrorist threats.


President Bush said that it's a shame that lives have been lost on both sides in this recent event. I don't think it's a shame at all when the enemy is killed. It's called victory. Bush wants to put a multinational peace keeping force between Israel and Lebanon. I hope that multinational peace keeping forces like to get blown up by Muslim suicide bombers, IDEs, and unguided rocket attacks, because that's what will happen. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said that both Israel and Lebanon have to adhere to the ceasefire resolution. Notice now that we're talking about Lebanon and not just Hezbollah. This is proof that Lebanon and Hezbollah are synonymous, which is opposite of the administration's previous, separate definition between the people and leadership of Lebanon and the Hezbollah forces.


Israel is saying that they will back down from their original goal of pushing to the Litani river in Lebanon. Nobody likes a quitter. Israel has agreed to the U.N. ceasefire resolution if Hezbollah stops firing rockets and disarms. This means that Israel will back down from their previous goal of completely destroying Hezbollah and their ability to wage terror. The terrorist manpower and desire to destroy will therefore remain. Why not just finish it now?


I have had restless nights, an inability to get to sleep, and waking in the middle of the night for no apparent reason other than Israel is on my heart and I must ask God to send angelic help for their safety and success. If Israel quits early and lets Hezbollah remain alive, that gives Hezbollah their victory. If this in fact happens, the next time Israel gets attacked they should just stay home instead of waging a feminized, half fought war and wasting the worldís time. If there's one thing people universally hate is their time being wasted by a fool.


I don't have the time or the emotional strength to blog on the garbage that's going on any more. I have a personal life that requires my attention and I can't allow my time and energy to be consumed by things I canít change. I may have to unplug my radio and delete some of my bookmarks.


The one thing that was so different about this situation was Hugh Hewittís attitude. Hugh has always been the calm, level headed voice of eternal optimism in every situation since I began listening to him on 9/11. His influence has brought a balance to my temperament and has guided my reaction to events over time. I use to react to situations harshly and would jump to an all out war conclusion. But I would always allow Hugh to calm me down, even if I didnít fully understand. But his attitude was different at the beginning of this war; that Israel should not back down. This sounded new to me and I was surprised to realize that we were agreeing. He even agreed with James Lileks a couple of days after the fighting began who said that he

didnít want to see any de-escalation of violence either.


In the end, I realize that all this has happened before. And it will all happen again. So to bring an awkward end to this thread (please forgive me for waxing artistic), I have made the following link available.

The Senate Speech from Starlancer.

Itís a recording from the future, brought back to show us how history has, is, and will repeat itself all over again; and that itís not necessary to allow oneself to become stirred up emotionally by current events.




I would love to see IDF soldiers look over their shoulder

and see something totally unexpected;

American reinforcements coming up along side of them

 and firing at the enemy!

Then they hear the sound of aircraft;

C-130 Ghost Ships, A-10s, and B-52 Bombers fly overhead

and bulldoze the earth before them with fire and napalm...

Israel should be allowed to possess the land they liberate from the enemy.

Better in the hands of an ally and moral democracy

than in the hands of consuming terrorists, our common enemy.




I will not write what I emotionally want to say.

Well, maybe just a little:

Israel agrees to U.N. Ceasefire, Hezbollah Stays


U.N. is GOD.

Good! Now everything can go back to normal.

Muslims can continue killing like good Muslims.

Jews can go back to being killed like good Jews.

Israelis must get a real kick out of victimhood.

They have to leave their oppressors in tact.

Engage, retreat. Engage, retreat.

This whole thing was annoying as hell.

I would like to just shut this site down

and completely withdrawal from the world

for all the time it takes out of my schedule.

What a distraction and complete waste of time!

Delete the presets for conservative news talk radio in my car.

Delete the bookmarks for alternative media on the net.

But political apathy is unacceptable after this:

This is my first impression of Islam.

This is why I started this site.

This is why America is wrong for bargaining with Hezbollah.

This is why Israel is wrong for quitting.

That's why I need a break.

Don't expect to hear from me for quite a while.




Network Television finally helps America remember 9/11 on Prime Time

for the first time in four years.

Not since 2002 have ABC, NBC, or CBS aired any program

in the precious Prime Time hours concerning 9/11.

Its about time.

Before, if any of us wanted to remember by viewing something on our TVs

we had to put in a DVD we purchased over the Internet

or a tape we personally recorded in 2001 or 2002;

if we had the foresight to record anything then.

I can only wonder why they joined the rest of us this year.

Its obviously not motivated by patriotism or solidarity.

If it was they would have helped the last four years.

Is it greed for ratings?

Or have they simply run out of luck with their viewers?

Were they afraid accusations would fly if they stayed silent once again?

Last night and the night before were the first time in six months

that I viewed or recorded anything on network or Cable TV.

I stopped watching TV news on Thanksgiving, 2003

because they called it a political stunt

for President Bush to feed Thanksgiving turkey to soldiers in Iraq.

I completed the recording of my favorite series on cable

the end of February, 2006 and started transferring them to my hard drive

without the commercials for sex products.

I have been purchasing other commercial-free series

on DVD from, as well the Joel episodes

of Mystery Science Theater 3000

from for six dollars an episode.

I have never bought a product because I saw one on a commercial.

Take that, network TV!

You and Osama Bin Laden can kiss my royal, Irish ---! 




Is Ted Kennedy going to hold the entire city of Fallujah accountable for violating the Geneva Conventions when they killed four non-military American contractors, burnt and beat their bodies and hung them from a bridge?  How are democrats going prosecute the masked terrorists when they beheaded Nick Berg, Paul Johnson and others?  Will the democrats voting Geneva Convention and Habeas Corpus rights to terrorists stipulate that when video taping a beheading, terrorists not wear masks, clearly identify themselves and where they can be reached?  How would we process Osama Bin Laden if we caught him alive?  Would we treat him as a member who has signed the Geneva Conventions agreeing to wage war according to the conditions prescribed therein?  Would we try Osama Bin Laden with the same rights given to lawful American citizens in our constitution?  America does not use torture while interrogating its prisoners.  But according to democratís definition of torture we are not permitted make terrorists uncomfortable, scare them, give them an Indian burn or force them to work at McDonaldís for minimum wage.  So how will you be voting this November?




2006 Election Results

Hannity, Rush, Prager, Hewitt, and Savage are saying the same thing.  Republicans lost because they werenít conservative enough.  Does that make sense?  The conservative base voted for liberals because the Republicans werenít extreme enough?  So Michael Savage with his hard core, uncompromising conservative principles was right all along?  I donít buy that completely.  One thing more frightening than becoming a minority is that Michael Savage was right.


This explanation is almost insulting.  It implies that Americans were willing to throw the entire conservative agenda because their conservative principles were not being met to the proper degree.  The conservative ideas being blamed are spending, illegal immigration, the RHINOís compromise on the Democratís filibuster, the presidentís inability to confront false accusations, etc.  However these problems are finite compared to the War On Terror and are not worth throwing away our majority.  This doesnít explain what happened.


The national deficit was on a 5 year low.  Unemployment was at a ridiculously low level despite Hurricane Katrina.  The immigration and border fence process was finally moving.  We finally got 2 conservative Supreme Court judges.  We had tax cuts.  We had terrorist surveillance, the Patriot Act, and a growing missile defense.  Iraq was self ruling with a non-theocratic, representative democracy, constitution, and a growing military. 


Yes, the Supreme Court and Senate were granting Habeas Corpus and Geneva Convention rights to terrorists, and the Congress wasnít pressing charges on the New York Times for leaking top secret information.  But thatís not what this election was about, at least not that I know of.  I wasnít listening to the left.  Maybe thatís what my problem was, but I doubt Democrats ran against Republicans on these points.  And these are not good enough reasons to hand the liberals control.  This still doesnít explain our loss, even though thatís what my conservative radio sources are saying.


I know nobody gets Hughís rope-a-dope approach to debate.  Iíve been listening to Hugh since 9/11 and I finally realized what his strategy was at Thanksgiving 2005 with his 12 questions for liberal relatives at family reunions.  So many times before, Hugh would let a caller answer with a lie and move on to the next question.  And I would yell at the radio, ďCall them on that!Ē  It took me 5 years and an explanation from Hugh for me to get it.


Apparently the rope-a-dope has also been a strategy of President Bushís, but people canít see through the nuances of this strategy.  Americans are blunt and want to see strait forward confrontation, Savage style.  President Bush was too long unresponsive to false accusations.  But they have stuck for the same reason I think Republicans lost.  And hereís my point: too many conservatives are listening to the wrong voices (LIBERAL TV NEWS) and believing them.


Thatís the best explanation I can think of, and it beats the Ďscandal and conservative principlesí argument.  I avoid and ignore liberal voices, which is why I knew exactly how to vote.  I was not distracted by the Foley or Haggard scandals.  Over spending did not compete in my mind with the War On Terror in Iraq.  And I was not convinced by the lies about Iraq coming from the Hippy News Media.  I was with Hugh who said that any vote for any Democrat is a vote to abandon Iraq, impeach Bush, and stop conservative judges as well as the entire conservative agenda.  This is why the Ďlack of conservative principlesí argument doesnít explain the Republican loss.


According to the election results, Americans donít care about liberal judges, higher taxes, or the War On Terror.  I was confident that Americans knew better than to believe the illusion of the liberal media and Democrat candidates who ran pretending to be conservative.  We lost because weíre listening to the wrong voices.  MSM hates the military, they hate moral leaders, they hate cops, they hate Christians, they hate conservative values.  Why do we listen to them?  Why do we read their stuff?  We should know better.  We need to start listening to sources that are sympathetic with our world view, and reject the opinion of those who are hostile to what we believe.


Conservatives, (Christians,) are not going to change society through politics or elections.  Christians will now only change the political, moral direction of society by getting people saved.  Once people are changed through salvation, they will begin to think right, vote right, and ignore the wrong voices.


Christians are not going to accomplish this by operating like we have in the past, through passionless, unconvincing, powerless, proofless, religious words.  There is a resentment for religion in America, and it is well deserved.  America needs to experience the real presence and miraculous power of God, and average Christians today do not have that.  We need that same thing that was on Jesus where he didnít have to chase people around with the truth.  All he had to do was make eye contact with an oppressed person and their hearts would instantly break.  It was the Holy Spirit who made that possible.  We can have that too, because Jesus said He would pour His Spirit on all flesh and we would do the same works that He did.


To get an observable presence and power of God, we need to pursue the presence of God ourselves, (its called prayer and worship,) and quit the habitual sins (Foley & Haggard) we use to fill the emptiness and wounds in our souls.  Those wounds were created through cruelty, frustration, and disappointment.  They can only be filled and eventually healed with the presence of God, and not only once a week at a church that doesnít preach the full gospel.


Its hard work, thatís why we donít do it.  But will our nation survive any other way?  This is the diagnosis of what happened 2006, and the prescription to heal our land.


Pursue the presence of God.

Quit habitual sin.

Get the observable power and presence of God.

Win souls.

Saved minds think right, vote right, and ignore the wrong voices.

Moral and political direction is corrected.


By Heaven, my Godly values will be reinforced

by my choice of counsel, (conservative political talk radio.)



Red Fox,



This post took nearly 3 hours to organize.




2006 Election Analysis Continues


Republicans were spending too much.  So we elected Democrats who think government should cost more.


Republicans weren't decreasing the size of government.  So we elected Democrats who think government should be bigger and do more.


Republicans weren't doing anything about illegal immigration.  So we elected Democrats who believe in amnesty.


Conservatives didnít think Republicans were conservative enough.  So we elected liberal extremists instead.


Voters didnít mean to impeach Bush.

Voters didnít mean to abandon our Iraqi allies.

Voters didnít mean to raise taxes.

Voters didnít mean to give up on conservative judges.


Ya, that makes sense guys.

This is what News Radio hosts are telling us.

Do you want to know the real reason we lost the majority?

Its because the News Radio audience is much smaller than we thought.

If people were really listening to alternative media, they would have known what was at stake.


People voted Democratic because the majority was listening to MSM.

People chose to believe the War On Terror is only against Bin Laden.

People chose to believe Saddam was never a threat.

People chose to believe Saddam didnít have weapons of mass destruction.

People chose to believe Saddam didnít have relationships with terrorists.


However, bright eyed optimism continues, and its gross.  If the new media really thinks conservatives arenít conservative enough, they should immediately become members of the Paul Revere Society and take a few lessons on inflexibility from Michael Savage.  Savage should become a lot more popular very quickly if they believe what they're saying is true.



This snippet from the Nicktoons cartoon "Invader Zim" sums up the sentiments about Bush which drove the majority vote for this election:



Click here for accompanying audio.


Isn't media powerful?

This has been the mantra of the left

and the liberal media for 6 years.

The Republican defeat in '06 is evidence

that they finally convinced us.

President Bush and the Republican party

have failed to take advantage

of the power of media.

Their best hope and advocate

has been independent, conservative News Talk Radio;

a media from the past

which not enough Americans consult.




Here is a sound clip from the Star Trek episode

"The City on the Edge of Forever."

Spock explains to Kirk here that an alteration

in history will cause a pacifist movement to

delay the United States from entering World War II.

This delay allows the Nazis to conquer the world.

Spock says peace was the way, but at the wrong time...




Israelís half fought war with Hezbollah and Americaís vote for withdrawal from Iraq in 2006 were breaking points for me.  Disappointing political decisions stir me up so profoundly, mentally and emotionally, that I know my physical health will become negatively affected if I donít find a way to deal with the stress.  I canít blog every day, or every week even, because it brings anxiety to the surface and takes up too much time.  So purchasing a firearm is how Iíve chosen to respond.  Owning a gun makes me feel safe.  Looking at it or holding it quiets my mind and makes me feel good.  Now when I hear more news about America making decisions that encourage terrorists and weaken our national defense, I say, ďI donít care, I own a gun.Ē  And every time something politically serious happens, I buy more ammunition.




Democrat's Own Words On Saddam Danger

Looking for direct quotes of Democrat leaders supporting the war in Iraq? is your ultimate source including complete quotations, photos, and links to original sites documenting these quotes.  Click here to download the complete Word document formatted for printing and distribution.




Ya, I'm still here.




Letter to my representatives concerning Harry Reid:


Harry Reid is Wrong, the War on Terror is Right.


Senator Harry Reid must be forced to resign for telegraphing U.S. defeat to our enemy before the fact.  Vietnam was a defeat because we quit.  Iwo Jima would have been a Vietnam, except we didn't quit.  Normandy would have been a Vietnam, except we didn't quit.  South Korea would have been a Vietnam, except we didn't quit.  Iraq is not a Vietnam until we quit.  Every battle that the U.S. has fought and not quit has become a mark of honor to our nation.  The war in Vietnam is a mark of shame for our nation because we gave up.  The Democratic leaders who supported sending our troops to Iraq who are now refusing to supply our troops in Iraq, who are now championing a Vietnam quitters policy in Iraq must be strongly shamed by YOU, MY representatives.  Loosing is sad, but quitters are scum.  It is not the act of a patriot to secure defeat.  America has never lost a battle that it didnít quit first.  If you allow America to quit when we can win, if you allow our new democratic allies in Iraq to fall into the murderous hands of Islamic extremists, it will be YOUR fault that I hate America for the rest of my life. 



To participate in communicating with your representatives, go to, sign petitions, and send emails.



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