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Michael Savage is angry that Department of Defence lawyers knew the whereabouts of four 9/11 terrorists in 1999, but kept intelligence departments from sharing the information.  He says that these lawyers are responsible for 9/11 and should go to jail; as though they knew what the terrorists were planning.  The information he found in the New York Post is nothing new.  Its just more of the same story: we knew who the terrorists were, where they were, and could have gotten them.  Just like the many opportunities Bill Clinton had to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden before 9/11, but didn't.


The previous administration didn't kill Americans on 9/11, the terrorists did.  The only thing they're guilty of is enforcing liberal legislation. There is no basis for imprisoning them or even accusing them of any crime. Nor is George Bush going to have former President Bill Clinton arrested. Don't get me wrong, I do think Clinton's reluctance to act allowed the terrorists to complete their plans.  Its just not a reasonable argument to call liberals and terrorists co-conspirators.  That's all.


Again, Savage has pointed out information without suggesting a reasonable course of action for his nation wide audience.  One of his callers last night said we should call our congressmen, to which Michael answered, "Who would listen to you?"  Then he went off on a tangent about how futile any action would be short of, and I quote, "a military coup" against the government!  This is what Savage does.  He gets mad, then crosses his arms and pouts.  Like a six year old, he refuses to participate if he doesn't get everything his way.  Politics have never worked like this, and he should know this.  All he can do is fume over it and convince his listeners to be angry with him.  This is not healthy for us or intelligent on his part.


Michael is good at pointing out problems, but bad at organizing responses. I've never heard him truly endorse a candidate or author a bill.  He doesn't have the network in the legal community to accomplish anything either.  And he has told us many times that he will never run for office himself.  So what good is he?  Any body can be critical, but it takes a higher caliber mind to solve complex problems.


The point in this instance is simple.  Liberalism is gonna kill us.  The course of action is to keep liberals in check, out of power, and reverse what they've done to weaken the United States in the late 20th century. That's being done.  And more needs to be done.  So do call your senators and congressmen and tell them what you want done.  Elect conservative, constitutionalist representatives.  And remember this: pessimism is not the answer.  It causes recession on many levels.  Optimism and ideas drive a nation forward.  Michael Savage as of yet still has none.



The Saudis warned President Bush about Hurricane Katrina.



Edward John Smith, captain of the Titanic.

This man was responsible for one of history's most outrageous disasters.

After all the lifeboats had left, he ordered the men

and his remaining crew, "Be British, men."

Contrast this with what we saw last week from leaders and civilians

when Louisiana sank...

Self control must be taught by parents and expected socially,

no matter the circumstances.



Katrina Survivors in Denver.




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Tonight on the Hugh Hewitt Show, Colorado Governor Bill Owens denied the claim that Referendum C was a tax increase.  He explained that because of the recession and recovery, individuals could afford to relinquish their average $400 yearly tax return.  At least that's the way I perceived what Bill Owens was saying.


The way I understood Ref C, it would suspend tax refunds for the next five years, and the highest yearly revenue above the previously allowed amount would become the new base for what the government can keep for budget.  It sounded like a liberal idea to me.  Its a tax increase, so I voted against it.  $400 is one months worth of savings for myself.  I think I pay enough taxes.




Coloradans have no commonsense.  Within one year we reelected a financially incompetent, liberal Ken Salazar, then raised our own taxes and legalized marijuana.  What is wrong with my neighbors?  Well, they want to smoke pot and pay more taxes.


One problem explains the other.  Drug abuse is a large cause of liberal thinking.  This is proven historically as we look at the ‘60s and ‘70s.  Drug abuse and modern liberalism are synonymous.  Person becomes rebel.  Rebel smokes pot.  Pot affects mind, causing liberal thinking.  Liberals raise taxes.  Its simple!


Fortunately state and federal law will ensure that nothing in Denver will change (for now.)  If you are caught in possession of marijuana, you will still pay a fine.  However, I think a lot of Mile High, brain-dead potheads believe that because Initiative 100 has passed, they now have a legal right to possess an ounce of marijuana.  This will initially lead to a surge in reported offenses.  Furthermore, the people of Denver have made a bold public statement: “We want to do an illegal and debilitating drug.”  This is a huge internationally observable advertisement.  It will attract the attention of drug runners who’s vision will now become fixed on this region.  We will therefore see a consistent rise in statistics related to criminal, drug activity; not to mention what will happen to the spiritual atmosphere of the city…


One of the arguments is that legalizing pot will lessen domestic violence.  Apparently potheads are pacifists.  In the War Against Terror President Bush has said, “A free nation is a peaceful nation.”  Liberals have now in turn said, “A society that is blotto is a society that is peaceful.”  But commonsense asks, “When has marijuana ever made a person a better person, a society a better society?”  And what happens when a drug deal goes wrong?  Are druggies commonly known as emotionally, mentally, or physically stable people? 


The hippies will argue, “What right does the federal government have to tell me what I can and can’t do personally?”  The Declaration of Independence gives the Union the right to establish principles and powers of government which are most likely to first affect safety, and secondly happiness.  Marijuana is not safe for anybody.  Its unsafe in a manner of physical and mental health.  Its unsafe for a society in the way of drug trafficking and violence.


In the end, there is no reasoning with a drug addict.  Oral argument and facts will not convince them to clean up.  Only traumatic experience can get through to them; sometimes only too late.  Do you see what we have done?  We have perpetuated the tragedy of drug abuse.  We have chosen to believe a lie instead of commonsense.  The lines of social morality and active conservative values have been pushed back yet one more level.  You have made my job just a little bit harder.  But no worries!  The night is far spent.  And soon the sun will rise.




I see the world stepping back from the War Against Islamic Terror while terrorists make advances in their offensive against civilization.  I see Americans electing Democrats who are weak in the war; Democrats who in fact attack President Bush for acting strongly against proven terrorist threats. This taking place simultaneously as France is being burnt by rioting Muslims in hundreds of cities. I see Britain rejecting legislation that will protect them from terror suspects when at the same time Muslim Fundamentalists bomb three hotels in Jordan.  I see Americans discarding morality at the ballot boxes by legalizing marijuana and eliminating parental rights.  I see us sparing the guilty and aborting the innocent.


A wise man once said: He who says to the wicked, "You are innocent,"

will be cursed by many people and denounced by nations.

But he who rebukes sin fearlessly will be blessed greatly.




Now it is another Vietnam.  Again, a nonmilitary branch of the government is sticking their nose where it doesn't belong and demanding withdrawal before victory.  America must not abandon another just cause.  America must not betray another nation of people who are hoping for freedom and representation.


It is the ideal of relativism that says freedom and democracy are not superior to tyranny and terror.  Liberals who adhere to this philosophy may need to experience the latter before changing their mind about the superiority of America's way of life.  Yet, a proper study of history would make that unnecessary.


America's creed has been "United We Stand."  Freedom stood as the uniting force of our people for over two hundred years, and it was something we all agreed on and supported.  But no longer.  The United States are clearly divided over the value of freedom.  The progressive's disdain for war has overpowered their regard for freedom.  They don't think freedom is worth sharing with Iraqis.  This is called freedom mongering.


Modern liberals don't understand how freeing oppressed people further secures our own freedom.  This shows they don't understand how freedom affects people and societies, even though they've experienced freedom themselves.  "We have our way of life, and the Iraqis have their way of life.  Who are we to judge what form of government is superior?  Who are we to force our way of life on them?"  What makes hippies who argue like this think that Iraqis don't want to be free like them?  They obviously don't consider how other people may feel about being liberated.


Its apparent that liberals don't think their own freedom is worth protecting.  Its no longer worth fighting for, its no longer worth dying for.  This philosophy of governmental relativism is a threat to our families, our relatives, our neighborhood, our society, our nation, and the whole world.  They want to bring our soldiers home.  By bringing the troops home, we abandon Iraqis to tyranny, terror, and torture.  We also dishonor the American soldiers who have lost their lives to free the Iraqis and protect our own freedom.




America will not be defeated

in Iraq by terrorists,

it will be defeated in Washington D.C.

by Democrats.




Thus history shall bear witness:

Those who undermine

the progress of freedom and democracy

in any nation

shall not go unchallenged.




Thursday, November 17th, John Murtha, Democratic Representative from Pennsylvania and Marine veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars publicly called for an immediate withdrawal of American forces from Iraq.  He said, "Our troops have become the enemy. We need to change direction in Iraq," - Liz Sidoti, Associated Press Writer via


Friday, Jean Schmidt, Republican Representative from Ohio retaliated against Representative Murtha's statements on the floor of the House in the attached sound bite from FOX News.  Please download and listen.  The tension at Capitol Hill is obvious when we hear the shouts of disapproval in response to Miss Schmidt's commendable rebuke of Murtha.


Although the deplorable scourge of political correctness forced Rep. Schmidt to strike her statement from the record, we should not let it take away from the strength and truth of the message which she delivered.  Her words should live on in history.


When a man uses his military service as a political weapon, that subject is open game for debate.  The constitution guarantees no superior rights to veterans over civilians.  The argument that people who never served in a war have no right to disagree with someone who did is flawed, and is quite frankly childish.  Thank you Ohio State Representatives for putting your reputations and careers on the line to say what needed to be said.


I was afraid that what was happening last week would truly turn Iraq into another Vietnam.  But Friday night the House voted 403 to 3 against an immediate withdrawal from Iraq.  The last few weeks have been outstanding in the history of the United States.  I hope you've been watching.




If you think we can't win

against terrorism and urban warfare in Iraq,

what makes you think we will win

against it when it returns to America?



Think progressive.

Think liberally.

Pursue alternate states of mind.

Abuse drugs, alcohol, and sex because authority condemns it.


Rebel against reason and common sense.

Rebel against moral leaders.

Embrace nontraditional values just to feel unique.

Work against the foundational principles of your nation.


What's happening in America originates from a spiritual condition.

Its a spirit of rebellion.

Politics and dispute cannot affect the source of our controversy.

The only response that is capable of removing this threat

is a spiritual one.

It is prayer combined with the potency of moral living.

Pray that God will replace the influence of the devil with His own presence

and touch the minds of our people.



What's the exit strategy for Iraq?

1. Prevent terrorists from gaining control.

2. Assist Iraqis in establishing a representative form of government.

3. Train Iraqis to adequately prevent terrorists from taking control.

Only when the Iraqis can effectively protect their own sovereignty can we

4. Decrease the number of our own forces.




No more Patriot Act

means Operation Able Danger and 9/11

all     over     again.




Hillary, it's a Republican House of Representatives

because American voters are rejecting liberal judges,

environmental wackos, and radical peace activists

during a time of war.  We are also

rejecting claims that racial oppression continues to this day.





My e-mail to President Bush on the UAE port deal

via the American Family Association:


Subject: Selling our ports to the UAE does not make sense.


Dear Mr. President,


I believe in the capitalist system like you do.  But I don't trust the UAE Government or the people it will employ in this deal.  The free market is not a dictatorship.  We are not obligated to sell to anybody.  The UAE is a bad customer and doesn't deserve our trust yet.  Don't let them manipulate us like this.  I would rather they get mad at us over there for not selling to them than pander to them and get blown up over here.  Just as the Constitution protects the presidency from foreign powers, we must also protect our own boarders and ports form foreign control.


I do trust you, President Bush.  My prayer for you and your administration is that God (Jehovah) surround you, anoint you, shield you, and counsel you. Be refreshed.  Be rested.  Be restored.  Do the right thing.


I ask that you override the agreement with the Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates to purchase our ports in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Miami.  I also ask that you cooperate with Congress in having hearings on this proposed sale to Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates.




The Mexican government neglects it's citizens.

Mexicans come here illegally

and abuse American government welfare

at the expense of lawful taxpayers.

American businesses take advantage of the Mexicans

and pay them an unfair wage.

The problem starts with an oppressive Mexican government.

Ya, I want to be friends with them...

Oh, and there's that Islamic terror thing.


I want to know, if Mexicans see no consequence for breaking the law,

when do I get my free federal crime?





John McCain added his influence to

pressure from other groups which has finally convinced

the Pentagon to reveal classified information

of the military's interrogation tactics

which will be published in the next release

of the U.S. Army's interrogation manual.

Because he was a prisoner of war in Vietnam

and experienced torture durring interrogation

from our Comunist enemy, Mr. McCain has

sympathy for the terrorist devils we have captured now

in the War Against Islamic Terror.

In Vietnam, he served with honor.

Today he is "Kind to terrorists, John McCain."

In some ways I think he's still in Vietnam.

Well, that's been the trend lately.





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